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    Amigaharry2 schrieb:
    I know all these documents, but they are useless for that issue. We need deep internas of FW to do this (Hardwareaddress, location of Filesystem, Syntax to access, and so on). The only one I know, who knows about, is Nicolas Det from Bplan. AFAIK he did a lot to implement FW on Pegasos.

    Actually, the Efika firmware version is more advanced than the one found in Pegasos2. And no, you don't need deep internas of its F/W to get USB massstorage working on Peg2, it simply doesn't support massstorage, get along with it ...
    Nicolas Det indeed worked for Bplan and last but not least implemented some FW related code (mostly for Efika, though). The relevant parts in Pegasos2 F/W never got updated, though.

    But I didn't want to get off topic here, jPV has without a doubt done a great job updating MorphOS Library with this articles.
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