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    Brumiga wrote:

    I have read your tutorial about open firmware. It is very intersting. But why do not you speak about pegasos 1 and 2, and also about efika, except at the very beginning ? They also have open firmware system, but it is different to the firmware of macs powerpc. Please, do not forget these bplan computers.

    The main reason why I didn't write more about bPlan machines is that I can't test the stuff myself properly, and I want to double check and test everything I write about. I have Pegasos 1 but no other bPlan machines, so I might do some tests on it, but AFAIK it has some differences to the Pegasos 2 firmware, and I have absolutely no idea about Efika.

    I also had some motivation/time problems to finish the Mac part, and I didn't want to delay the release even more by starting to learn the Pegasos firmware, which I don't know that well beforehand. I already left something out from my original plan too (Forth bootmenus etc).

    I guess the article can be extended later with Pegasos sections etc, and anyone can do it. So someone else with Pegasos 2 could very well do that, it's a wiki page and meant for group efforts, so please go ahead :)

    And another reason is that there's already some documentation about Pegasos firmware usage, for example, in Docs/PegasosFirmware.txt on your MorphOS installation. Mac related information was more scattered everywhere, and not even that good pages were found for OSX users either.


    A friend, owner of a pegasos 2 revision 2b6, asked me if it is possible to boot morphos iso by usb. I do not know the answer. I asked the same question to daff, from obligement, but he too has not the answer. Have you, JPV, the answer to this very particular question, please ?

    I've never owned Pegasos 2 and I don't remember seeing instructions for USB booting on Pegs, so I don't know either. My guess is that Pegasos firmware doesn't support USB disks, but it's just a guess. But I guess the last example in my tutorial would work on Pegs too, it's not "pure" USB booting, but if you can load the boot.img from some other device (partition on HD, CD-ROM...) then you can load the actual ISO from USB.

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