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    My pegasos 2 is 14 1/5 years old, it is steel working. But that is not the case of my powermac g5 2x 2 ghz. I got problems with memory sticks, supposedly not working, after 6 months of use. Now I want to sell it, in france if possibole, complete or by parts, otherwise it will finish to recycling.

    I have read your tutorial about open firmware. It is very intersting. But why do not you speak about pegasos 1 and 2, and also about efika, except at the very beginning ? They also have open firmware system, but it is different to the firmware of macs powerpc. Please, do not forget these bplan computers. A friend, owner of a pegasos 2 revision 2b6, asked me if it is possible to boot morphos iso by usb. I do not know the answer. I asked the same question to daff, from obligement, but he too has not the answer. Have you, JPV, the answer to this very particular question, please ?

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