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    You don't understand. :) Having the engine and the GUI in the same program would be very easy, of couse. But the idea is to add engines when there are new ones compiled. And there exist hundreds of engines. The user could compile new engines that weren't already compiled, and add them to his collection. This is how ALL chess interfaces proceed. For instance :
    - Windows : http://www.playwitharena.com
    - Linux : http://www.gnu.org/software/xboard/
    - OSX : http://www.hiarcs.com/chess-explorer.htm


    Well, there's none for Amiga OS. Only programs dedicated to one program (like AmiChess, running GNU Chess.) And, by the way, GNU Chess is very weak, compared with modern state of the art engines. Here's the current chess engines charts (at least for the top engines) :

    As you can see, the best version of GNU Chess (actually a Fruit derivative, as Fabien Letouzey gave his code to the GNU foundation, to replace the even weaker previous GNU Chess versions), is only at the 49th place, nearly 600 Elo points behind the best one, Houdini.

    To put things into perspective :

    - GNU Chess : 2777 Elo
    - Gary Kasparov : 2852 Elo at his peek
    - Deep Blue, IBM's monster that defeated Kasparov : around 2860 Elo
    - Magnus Carlsen, current world Champion : 2882 Elo
    - Stockfish (best free and open source program) : 3249 Elo
    - Houdini (best commercial program) : 3273 Elo

    I hope you understand the interest of having such an interface, now. :)

    Back to my problem : what's the best way to get a wb program open a communication canal with a cli-program ?
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