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    > since the last time I had a look at it (like a decade ago), Rebol has evolved from
    > being "just" the common scripting language you use locally on your computer
    > into some client/server combo

    Rebol started being advertised as "Internet Communications Language" and "The Internet Messaging Language" at least 13 years ago. That was when implementations of client/server technology for various Internet protocols was already included in Rebol.
    And even half a year before: "REBOL was designed for communications from the start, and integrates the major Internet protocols seamlessly into the language. For beginners, Email, FTP, and Web communications can be handled directly without knowledge of networking technology or software structure. However, advanced users can connect directly to Internet sockets and invent their own network protocols."
    Taking into account that Rebol was first released in 1997, I'm inclined to think that it was at no point in time ""just" the common scripting language you use locally on your computer".
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