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    recently i was looking through frshmeat.net and found this fun little language The Squirrel Programing Language its a very small (around 6000 lines of code).
    (taken from the front page)
    Squirrel is a high level imperative/OO programming language, designed to be a powerful scripting tool that fits in the size, memory bandwidth, and real-time requirements of applications like games. Although Squirrel offers a wide range of features like:

    Open Source zlib/libpng licence
    dynamic typing
    higher order functions
    cooperative threads(coroutines)
    tail recursion
    exception handling
    automatic memory management (CPU bursts free; mixed approach ref counting/GC)
    both compiler and virtual machine fit together in about 6k lines of C++ code.
    optional 16bits characters strings
    Squirrel is inspired by languages like Python,Javascript and expecially Lua(The API is very similar and the table code is based on the Lua one)

    i really like how it handels objects (much better than in java)

    its fun give it a shot. does anyone know if it will compile under MOS?

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