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    jacadcaps wrote:

    I couldn't get python to build, though... Will give it another go tomorrow.

    Update: python builds but crashes :)

    Thank you for opening a GitHub issue for the miscompilation (https://github.com/turbolent/w2c2/issues/96).

    It great to see that coremark builds and runs :-)

    Are you saying you tried to build Python with that fix, you managed to compile the WASI library, and when running the Python binary, it crashes? Would you be able to share more details? Are you able to attach a debugger and get a stack trace?

    My guess is that the WASI implementation might need some tweaks, IDK how POSIX-compliant MorphOS is.
    I bet that Python can't find the standard library (https://github.com/turbolent/w2c2/tree/main/examples/python/lib, set via environment variable PYTHONHOME), because MorphOS has a different notion for paths (i.e. non-POSIX paths), and needs path translation functions just like already exist for Windows and Classic MacOS (see e.g. https://github.com/turbolent/w2c2/blob/main/wasi/mac.c).

    I do have various PowerPC systems, but no license for MorphOS. I might try to install it and see myself
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