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    jacadcaps wrote:
    Well, this thing was a colossal waste of time :) Even if you do get python to work, it gets confused by Amiga-style paths (even with ixemul). So now you're looking at making MorphOS specific changes in cpython, compiling that to WASI, translating that via w2c2 to C and compiling that... That's just ridiculous.

    Thanks for trying. I suspect the runtimes are the culprit though, WASI standards are supposed to be fully platform independent. Maybe some future version will work better.

    If I recall correctly, Python has an external module called "system" which contains all system-specific code. If VM-Ware (or whomever supplied the .WASM file for Python) inlined all the calls to a POSIX implementation of the "system" class, the resultant binary will choke on non-POSIX paths as indicated.

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