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    W2C2 is a biendian WebAssembly to C89 transpiler. If the WASI standard bindings were generated for MorphOS, it would allow up-to-date versions of Python 3.11 and other WebAssembly bytecodes using the WASI standard outside the browser to work.

    The devil is in the details and the fact that the runtimes haven't been ported to MorphOS yet. An early version might need IXEmul.library, for example. It already runs on Haiku so the POSIX requirements aren't too stiff for now. Other non-POSIX operating systems like MacOS 9 are already supported.

    I'm willing to pitch in if somebody else will work with me on it. I have a history of starting things and not finishing them so I need an accountability partner at least. If I try it myself, I will be unlikely to make it to completion.
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