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    Hello friends,
    I'm on the road to port the BarsnPipes for OS4.1 FE MIDI-sequencer to MOS 3.17.
    This will be also an upgrade to the "old" MOS-version 1.05.
    Some issues were already solved (tasks, processes, interrupts, hooks).
    Now I've the idea to create new ARGB32-Pointers for the program,
    because the recoloring with LoadRGB32() does not work like expected.
    The problem is, for this I need to convert the png images to ARGB32
    In the example for ARGB-Pointers, which is included in the SDK 3.16
    I found a comment: "... converted from a png file with png2c

    I found the source for this tool in the OS4-version.
    Than I tryed it to compile it for MOS 3.17 - failed - no libpng.a.

    Seached the libpng.a - found the sources - compiled it.
    Tryed again to compile png2c - succes - BUT the program doesn't work.

    So I would go the easier way: Is there any programmer which is
    already using the png2c, and would give me a copy for my work to create
    new ARGB-Pointers for BarsnPipes ?

    Kindly thanks
    Alfred Faust

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