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    This is one of things where I am not sure, long standing bug? Me missing something obvious? Something in my setup breaking it?

    So I kinda restarted developing for MorphOS this summer by redoing PastePass and all is nice FlowStudio will color in my defines (MUI attributes, methods and other) and I can jump to it's definition from the context-menu.

    This does seem to hinge on the ####RELEASE.d files as other projects lacking these don't show these.
    There is a menu item to re-index the project which seems to do nothing at all (Snoopium says something bout ctags being called).

    I thought it was a new bug since it must have worked in the past but even going back to an 3.16 install on my Pegasos2 yielded no success.

    Adding a new constant to an existing file (in a working project) will make visible project-wise, but I seem to be unable to add a new sourcefile and have it play along.

    What am I missing? What did I do different to make it works back in the day?
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