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    polluks schrieb:

    Samurai_Crow schrieb:
    No. ABox is the name of MorphOS' link library bindings. Amiga.lib is only for versions of AmigaOS. MorphOS has no access to the trademark "Amiga" name including the link library.

    Nice story, but it's not true:
    > search vbcc:targets/ppc-morphos/lib/ newlist quiet
    System Backup:vbcc/targets/ppc-morphos/lib/libGLs.a
    System Backup:vbcc/targets/ppc-morphos/lib/libGL.a
    System Backup:vbcc/targets/ppc-morphos/lib/libamigas.a
    System Backup:vbcc/targets/ppc-morphos/lib/libamiga.a

    What is still true, though, is that MorphOS SDK indeed uses libabox.a as well as libaboxstubs.a which is obviously a API compatible version replicating functions used in the original amiga.lib

    What vbcc does is not within our scope and the vbcc author supplying the link libs can basically name his libs whatever he likes to do ..
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