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    I'm making a second attempt at this thread, since the first one got lost in the MZ data loss :)

    I've released a new version 1.11 of setup-cross-sdk.sh script for setting up a MorphOS cross compilation environment on Unix-like systems. I'm mainly testing on Debian/Linux, but it should work fine on other Linux distributions, probably and BSD variant, possibly on Cygwin and so on. If you try it on some system and it doesn't work for you, please post a reply in this thread with details!

    For those who just want to get started and don't care about building everything themselves, I've also created a Debian package of the March 2022 MorphOS SDK for Debian 11 (aka Bullseye) on AMD64. You can download and install it by running the following two commands as root (or with sudo, if you prefer):

    wget 'https://bigfoot.morphos-team.net/test/morphos-sdk_20220309-2_amd64.deb'
    apt-get install ./morphos-sdk_20220309-2_amd64.deb

    Alternatively you can just download and install it with you favourite package manager GUI frontend.
    I rarely log in to MorphZone which means that I often miss private messages sent on here. If you wish to contact me, please email me at [username]@asgaard.morphos-team.net, where [username] is my username here on MorphZone.
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