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    does the MorphOS version of Git use AmiSSL or link in OpenSSL like Linux tools use?

    MorphOS does not use AmiSSL.

    In February 2021 SDK:
    - ssh is OpenSSH 8.4p1
    - git is 2.30.0
    - libssl/libcrypto is openssl 1.1.1i with some fixes cherrypicked from Debian GNU/Linux
    - libcurl is curl 7.75.0

    git itself links against curl and openssl (for the HTTP/HTTPS related components). For ssh functionality it forks and execs the ssh command just like on linux.

    I should add that git is rather complicated piece of software with various components that might not have been fully tested (my git-fu is pretty weak). If there are any reproducable issues I'll try my best to fix them.

    BTW, current work-in-progress SDK is based on:
    - openssh 8.8p1
    - git 2.33.1
    - openssl 3.0.0
    - curl 7.79.1
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