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    Last little question, have you plan to check GL_BGRA blend mode ?

    I know this answer wasn't directed at me specifically, but in general for me to be able to work on fixing a 3D graphics related bug in MorphOS, I need a simple test case (with source code) reproducing the problem, with simple being the keyword. More on that in the next paragraph. Besides the test case, I need a description of what it is I'm testing, at the very least a short sentence of what you'd expect to happen when running the test case (if everything worked right), and then another sentence on what actually happens for you.

    Now, simple test case. I really, really mean simple. The ideal test case does the absolute bare minimum to reproduce a problem, involving no external code at all, with the exception of GLUT. If it does use GLUT, or if it otherwise runs on Linux for cross referencing a known working implementation, then that's optimal. If you need for example libpng to load a texture, then that's fine too, but consider if it isn't possible to create the test case with a simple 2x2 pixel texture with the data for it embedded in the source code. A hypothetical great test case would use GLUT to open a window, render one single frame that displays the problem, and nothing else, and then waits for the program to be closed.

    If you give me such a test case as described above, it's very, very likely that I can find and fix whatever problem there is pretty quickly, possibly even the same day I receive the test case. If I don't get such a test case, then it's unlikely I'll be able to find the time to look at it.

    Just to be clear, so that there's no misunderstanding here: If your test case uses SDL, it's by definition not simple, and it's unlikely that I'll be able to find time to investigate it. If your test case is a full application or game, it's by definition not simple, and it's unlikely that I'll be able to find time to investigate it. I know it sucks to have to isolate the problem, but if you help me with this, then I can much, much, much easier help you (and everyone else) by getting the bug fixed.

    So let's make a deal: Whatever bug the quote above refers to, if you supply me with a simple test case as described above, emailed to my email address in my signature under this post, I promise you that I'll fix it within a week. How does that sound?
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