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    I have heard of MCAmiga. However Since 1997 I like and use multi-window filemanagers: Opus Magellan and now Ambient. I don't like file managers with two listers (like File Master, Norton Commander, DOpus4). Especially if they are in text-mode.
    However now I tried to use your tool as diff for git (according your tutorial) and... it really works! I have difftool in git for MOS! Great! Thank you very much! It is what I need now. :)

    Are you going to add functions for merging? Select left or right version, edit selected version, save merged version. And go to previous/next diference. It would be great!

    One more thing... I also checked MCAmiga as filemanager and I have to say that it is really good tool. The soft could be helpful also for me. Very good job. Thank you!

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