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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> Just to get you right, do you as a native English speaker read the sentence in question as a case of negation-intensifying double negation?

    Personally, I would never worry about it being a negation-intensifying double negation, or a simple grammar, or even typing mistake. I just believe that most, if not all native English speaking people would understand the correct meaning intended by the author of the statement, without any confusion, which is why I posted my opinion about your response to it.

    Being a native English speaker, I can't really relate to how English grammar mistakes affect members here who are not native English speakers, but I assume that the English language can be quite confusing to some people, and grammatical mistakes are often made even by native English speaking people (maybe more often than non native English speaking people, because we don't worry about it and get lazy).

    Edit: Any further discussion about this should be done in private, or another thread, so we don't derail this thread any further.

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