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    kas1e wrote:

    If anyone wants cross-platform Amiga-native apps with GUI, then MUI should be used.

    Ähm, no. It may work, but I found so many issues during my journey of creating software for 68k, os4 and MorphOS.

    Issues I couldn’t figure out without having OS4. For me personally it wasn’t worth the time. Like there is a crash in one specific MUI class and while it worked on 68K, MorphOS and OS4 using the 68k binary, the native one did crash in the very same spot.

    As said, I gave up a long time ago. Today it is even worse, when you need to deal with a MUI remake, that’s not compatible or lacks features. Also the system functions you want to use are limited. One function is there on one system and the other needs to be worked around on the other OS. That’s no fun at all and that is for developing stuff from scratch.

    Porting and digging from one error to the next one, may be fun, but when each error makes you code a system function or a mui class to fix a port, then it’s not something I would enjoy..
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