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    Flash wrote:
    Hi friends, is there a guide about recompiling programs from OS4 to MOS?

    I don't think that most users realize how different OS4 and MorphOS have become "under the hood" so to speak. From what tiny understanding I have of each of them, they grow further apart from how they work every update. I think OS4 has incorporated some methods from Windows, or Linux/Unix, with shared libraries is it? Even though OS4 has the Amiga name attached to it, I actually think that in some ways, MorphOS has remained more closely related to AmigaOS3.1 and earlier versions, but I could easily be wrong about that. OS4 certainly has more of the "Look and Feel" of the older versions of AmigaOS, which seems to be more important to some users, than how things work behind the scenes, in the hidden parts of the OS.

    A guide on how to recompile software from OS4 to MorphOS, and MorphOS to OS4 would be useful for programmers wishing to serve both communities, and since there are several programmers who appear to have that interest, I'm sure one of them could complete such a task, but who will invest the time to actually do it, since it will not profit them, except by increasing their good will from other beginning programmers, who need the help. It would be useful to me in the future.

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