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    Indeed. I re-enabled some newer SDK I had installed and all compiled fine. Minor stuff like make not being able to find the gmp, mpc and mpfr libs. but ok. It compiled gcc 8.3.0

    Then I saw that the SDK already again had 2 updates since I last checked. I was using the October 2019 one. (After a tip that gcc 8 should have been 8.4.0 and not 8.3.0)

    So now I downloaded the April 2020 one. Had to upgrade from MOS 3.12 to 3.13 as that SDK would not install without it. Did a clean SDK install. This time the gmp.h mpc.h etc files were missing. Saw a bunch of -fPIC warnings. Saw that an fpic.diff was added to all gcc versions (but not referenced?) Only to find out during stdc++ compilation of 8.4.0 -static flag support was indicated as no and it errored (NO_GCC_EXECUTABLES)

    Tried to compile 9.3. make references to 9.2 so failed. Ok that is easy fixable, but not wanting to wait hours to hit another error I gave up for now and went back to the October SDK source.

    And where was GCCSelect?
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