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    amigadave wrote:
    I imagine that AxRuntime would be very useful to many MorphOS 3rd party developers

    As it is now, this project allows to turn (some) AROS applications into Linux programs that run in completely isolated sandboxes, which brings both benefits and limitations.

    Unless a MorphOS third party developer plans to release software for AROS and to use the AROS APIs (Zune, etc.) anyway, there is not much there that might be of real-world use.

    As Piru pointed out, even if you are an AROS software developer, you might potentially have to invest a lot of work to support AxRuntime depending on your specific project.

    I am glad deadwood is "back" and still involved. He is a capable and selfless developer, who gave back most money he earned from AROS bounties and donated it to other projects. I wish him and this project the best.

    From a technical perspective, this is an interesting project but it remains to be seen if developers will actually adopt it because they deem it to be advantageous compared to their existing workflow of crosscompling on Linux and testing via "AROS hosted" in a window.

    For smaller projects, Hollywood is probably still the way to go to write software that runs on multiple platforms.


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