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    KennyR wrote:
    The whole point in the existence of MorphOS (and OS4) was that they could run Amiga software on newer hardware under a more up-to-date OS design without having to recompile them. As after all most were not open source and/or written in non-portable ways. To do that it was forced to accept the restrictions of the original AmigaOS, i.e. shared memory address, no SMP, etc.

    This is excellent description what is wrong with aros x86, aros arm and axruntime.
    As long as there is compatybility with old 68k apps we may accept that there is no memory protection, no drivers, no smp, no java etc.
    After breaking compatybility all of this should be fixed.
    Nobody need exec dos devices etc with all its flaws that are not compatible with old 68k apps.

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