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    Piru wrote:
    I see little point in this. Not only it is incompatible in numerous ways, such as forbid, disable etc, tasks / processes are using separate address spaces (as I understand it), it is also lacking GUI toolkits completely. In practice this is much like AROS was in the 90s. If you want something like this, use hosted AROS.

    I'd as far as to challenge the usefulness of the thing: It is likely that your code will end up a #ifdef hell that has exceptions for native vs "ax" environment, trying to get things working at all. It will likely only build toy applications without major headaches.

    People are reading way too much into usefulness of this thing. Notably most of these comments are coming from non-developers.

    Interesting response, and since it is coming from someone I regard very highly in the MorphOS Dev. Team, I don't need to dig any deeper into figuring out what AxRuntime is and how exactly it works.

    The description of it running on multiple cores, and having protected memory usage, seemed like a "Good Thing" to have, plus some mention of being able to use modern Linux programming tools, like a debugger, etc., while creating the beginnings of your code, before then working out the "Native" requirements to get the coding project to work properly on the target platform. If that is not an advantage for most MorphOS developers, and the existing MorphOS SDK has all the needed tools, this thread can be closed, if the moderators want.

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