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    Hi everyone,

    I am just looking into the SDK and I have some questions.
    If I want to port some Unix/Linux tool, what am I supposed to choose, ixemul or libnix?
    According to documents ixemul is more POSIX compliant than libnix, but looking at the different includes I find signal.h in "include" is missing a lot compared to FreeBSD 12 and semaphore.h is not available, but available in includestd.
    Does this mean that semaphores are not available in ixemul and signal handling is limited in ixemul? Or is includestd not for libnix?

    Can I mix both inside a project, e.g. compile some modules with libnix support and link this together with ixemul modules to an executable?

    Also gcc seems to have problems linking with -pie, as it claims pie is not available. Is this a general MOS thing and -fPIC, -pie,... needs to be removed when compiling?
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