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    Thank you, that would be great! Here's an example of what we got with TGLDEBUG:


    TGL:[ 477]/GLGenTextures() : Allocating texture:1
    TGL:[1140]/GLTexImage2D() : (1)format:0x80e1, tgldInternalFormat:0x1908 (GL_RGBA). width:1024, height:512
    TGL:[2321]/GLTexSubImage2D() : update:(1)format:0x80e1 (GL_BGRA), internalformat:0x1908(GL_RGBA) (640x480 pixels) source:644460568
    TGL:[1520]/gl_convertGL_to_GL() : Unsupported image format:format:0x80e1(GL_BGRA) . dstFormat:1908(GL_RGBA)

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    This is just like television, only you can see much further.
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