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    Papiosaur wrote:

    amigadave a écrit :

    Papiosaur wrote:

    i have open a group named "MorphOS Software Development" on Facebook.

    For the moment the group is private.

    If you are a developper don't hesitate to join the group ;-)

    Do any smart people really still use Facebook any more???

    I'm not that smart, but smart enough to avoid Facebook like the plague. Isn't there another website similar to Facebook, but without its flaws that you could have established this group on instead of Facebook?

    Yes me :-)

    Already 11 members

    Well, as you can see from many responses in this thread, many users and probably also many programmers/developers, will not ever consider using Facebook, due to the sites excessive demands for private information. Why would you want to use such a site, knowing that they collect so much info from its users, and not knowing who will eventually end up getting your info?

    Again, I would suggest that you reconsider your group location, and find a different site, or even this forum, to use as a place for MorphOS developers/programmers to gather and discuss programming projects.
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