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    I use FlowStudio with GCC5. However after release MorphOS 3.13 I decided to download new SDK (3.14) and switch to GCC9. Unfortunately when I try to compile my project with GCC9 I have message:

    ### Build Start ###
    make: Entering directory `/Files/MDW/dev/MyProject'
    mkdir: missing operand
    Try 'mkdir --help' for more information.
    make: *** [MKDIR_RELEASE] Error 1
    make: Leaving directory `/Files/MDW/dev/MyProject'
    ### Build End ###

    If I switch to GCC8, everything is ok, project is compiled and linked with success, executable file is ok.

    Where is the problem? Makefile generated by FlowStudio uses mkdir but... it looks ok. Why if I use GCC8 everything is ok?

    I noticed, if I set in Project Setings "g++-8", next to cycle gadget I see (shaded) "ppc-morphos-g++-8". If I set "g++-5", I see "ppc-morphos-g++-5", etc... However if I set "g++-9", the shaded label is empty.
    It is strange because I have GG:bin/ppc-morphos-g++-9.
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