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    A1200/030/50Mhz on a 64 color WB. Raw mode, sure, without it does not work at all.

    but i found something which is ONLY possible via ConUnit, or maybe you have a pointer for me how to do that without ConUnit.

    I need special colors (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, brown, light blue, light green, ...) over all 16 colors. but setting colors via ansi only supports to use of the first 8 colors in the palette, so I cant use ObtainBestPen (because they are usually > 7) and I can't use ObtainPen because the colors 0..7 are fixed (by OS I guess).

    But in ConUnit I can set the cu_FGPen/cu_BGPen to any Pen 0..255 as I like and it works.
    Any idea how to set the text/background in MorphOS to any self-defined color?

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