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    ConUnit is not supported by MorphOS MUICON-Handler. 'con_unit' in your example code will always be NULL.

    Technically this can happen with original console-handler, sometimes, too:

    The Amiga's standard console handler, CON:, also returns a
    pointer to the console handler's IO request in the id_InUse field.
    In some cases, the IO request's io_Unit field (which normally point
    to a ConUnit structure) will be NULL.

    Using WINDOW STATUS REQUEST custom ANSI code sequence should work however. See http://www.theflatnet.de/pub/cbm/amiga/AmigaDevDocs/dev_4.html#4-4-2-1 and http://www.theflatnet.de/pub/cbm/amiga/AmigaDevDocs/dev_4.html#4-5-3 for details.

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