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    for me bigfoots script does not work on Ubuntu 19.10 for some reasons.
    I have changed some lines, but now compilation of ggc9 fails with really trivial
    error (missing stdio.h).

    What I needed to change in bigfoots script:
    - it checks for an sdk lha archive (don't know if exists anywhere,
    but on morphos site there is only this archive sdk-source-20191006.tar.xz)
    I removed the lha parts because they don't seem to be required
    - make for gcc is called CFLAGS -m32 set. As I remember correctly, a 32 bit
    env is not required anymore, so I also removed this argument

    In the end I get the error above.
    I don't know if the correct script was put to public.

    That's the way I called the script:

    ./setup-cross-sdk.sh --gcc9 --force

    My changes: https://exdev.selfhost.eu/mos/setup-cross-sdk.sh
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