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    This should be very useful for programmers who only have room for one system, if they can run MorphOS3.12 (unsupported) on their Quad G5 PowerMac, and then boot into Linux PPC64 to cross compile MorphOS software on the same machine. I'm assuming that the various versions of gcc that are now supported are available for Linux PPC64, so that all 4 cores can be used when cross compiling software for MorphOS3.12.

    If I'm only going to do Hollywood programming as a beginner for a while, will I benefit much by getting a Quad Core PCIe G5 PowerMac and running some version of Linux to program from, instead of just using the MorphOS version of Hollywood, and running it on my existing 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac, running MorphOS3.12? After I become fairly proficient at Hollywood programming, I do plan to go back to learning how to program in C/C++, but it might be many months before I need to do that. Depends on what programming projects I decide to attempt.
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