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    Hello guys,
    I guess there are a lot of developers, in our community, that use cross compilers in other systems, to develop applications for MorphOS and AmigaOS.

    I started developing a new AutoDoc viewer for Windows, Linux and MacOS, that will help you read these files, in a better way. It is far from perfect right now, and I have a lot of ideas, to make it even better.

    You can find information at Wiki and download it from the releases link.

    This is the first release and might have bugs. Be warned. :)

    There is no way to lose any of your data. You will need to have the AutoDocs files somewhere in your hard disk. Using the top menu, you can select the folder where you have the AutoDoc files, and then a list of them will be shown. By clicking on a file, the Methods list will be updated at the bottom. Clicking on a method, all the information will be shown at the main content.

    I need your feedback. Is it useful? Are you going to use it? If not, why?

    Please, provide ideas, new features and bugs at Issues
    The issues tracker doesn't require login to submit, but please, add your nickname there at the end of your message, so that I know who you are.

    Have fun.
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