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    Nadir wrote:
    Another thing, is the size of the spreadsheet maxed out at either A1:S39 or alternatively the size of a loaded sheet? Any chance you could make this expand dynamically as you scroll right/down (or otherwise use a much larger hardcoded limit)?

    The problem is exactly as I described in this thread. It's just very crude, a MUI Area in a Scrollbox, that means this Area have to be as large as the largest cols/rows * width/Height of every cell
    And because I draw first to a temp rastport (with own Bitmap) it needs a lot of Memory to make a lot of rows/cols. I ran already into a not enough memory situation.
    The scrolling in the scrollbox also becomes slower with big images (like 2000x2000 px).
    My idea was to ultimately replace that later with a own group and self manage the scrollbars, which also would make it possible to scroll together with the focus cell and make a cell wise scrolling like excel and libre office do.
    The whole stuff is object oriented so it basically just mean replace a lower class layer.
    I will do that eventually but not sure when ;)
    Currently fiddling with TurboCalc functions (TCD loader) to convert to my own functions ;)
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