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    I've got a little bit trouble with the MUI ScrollGroup on MorphOS.

    Example Program:

    resize the Program that you have to use the scrollbars. But one cant use them, when one clicks to them, the click goes to the under laying Grid, which of course handles and "eats" the event. But the Grid cannot know if it is in the visible area or not. I'm not sure how I could do here something different, so how the error could be on my side.
    This happen only on MorphOS, on AROS, Amiga MUI 3.8, it works as expected, you can move the scrollbar and the Grid underneath does not get a click.

    The Grid is an self drawn Area.mui inside a Virtualgroup.mui inside the Scrollgroup.mui.

    I noticed that before already with my LCL implementation where I noticed that on a multiple tabs group an element (like a button) gets a click even it's tab is not visible at the moment.
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