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    @ASiegel and @jPV

    Thanks for the suggestions, but regarding SD card readers I have loads of those, both standard SD (<2GB) and SDHC (>2GB), so those suggestions are, for me, unnecessary, but others may find some of that advice of value/use. ;-)

    It is specifically the camera's internal memory I am trying to access/view.

    Anyway, I'll see if there is a USB option to get either/both of the cameras to mount up as mass-storage rather than PTP, though neither mounted as MTP, just for info.

    If I get any success I'll update this thread accordingly, hopefully later tonight. ;-)

    ** UPDATE **

    So, referring to jPV's suggestion to change the USB recognition from MTP/PTP to mass-storage - this is not an option in the camera settings for the FujiFilm Z90 - but there is an option to change from MTP/PTP to MassStorage in the Nikon Coolpix S200 settings, but it is a little troublesome to find, but after reading through/searching the PDF manual for this feature the S200 camera's USB options were revealed, and set.

    However, using a different powered USB port, but using the same cables I managed to mount the Nikon Coolpix S200, and the FujiFilm Z90 cameras using the PTP protocol.

    One anomaly I came across was that if either of the cameras, depending on which was was connected, were plugged in and switched to USB mode, BEFORE MorphOS booted then an icon was displayed on Ambient, BUT if the camera was switched on to USB mode AFTER booting had occurred then no icon was displayed on Ambient. Then the camera/device required to be accessed via the "My MorphOS" icon, which then displayed a default device icon, and it could be accessed in the usual way with double-mouse-clicks. Also, if the camera was switched off/disconnected, when it had been active when MorphOS booted and a default icon was generated for it, then the icon remained on Ambient, even though the device was no longer accessible/attached which is not so intuitive of the USB protocol, or whatever causes this anomaly.

    Using this same USB port, and the same USB leads I also managed to test that a Nikon Coolpix S203 and FujiFilm A610 cameras reacted in the same way as the above 2 cameras, so probably most Nikon Coolpix S series, and FujiFilm Z and A series cameras will work OK with MorphOS to view the data from the internal camera memory.

    The Nikon Coolpix S203, and the FujiFilm A610 cameras do not have the option to change from MTP/PTP to MassStorage like the S200 has, so MTP/PTP, like the FujiFilm Z90, is the only option available for those cameras.

    Maybe the Hardware Compatibility list and Library can be updated with some of this information for other users to benefit from in the future - once we are all satisfied the information is correct, and does not require any further amendment. ;-)
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