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    I'm just checking the manuals for those cameras quickly, and at least Nikon Coolpix S200 has a setting for the USB mode in "Set up -> Interface -> USB". I would try to set it up to "Mass storage" instead of the "MTP/PTP", and try then again if it'd work better as a standard USB mass storage device.

    Although that "nak timeout" sounds bit nasty... if you see those in the log, it isn't usually promising... but hopefully it wouldn't happen with the mass storage mode :) Or if some Poseidon tuning would help, I don't know...

    And yeah, card readers are good for these kind of situations. I've had some freebie multi-card reader since ages and it has served me well with all setups, from SD cards to CF cards of all formats, in Amigas, MorphOS systems, RPis, and PCs :)
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