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    Old thread but I wanted to let anyone that is interested know that I just recently loaded MorphOS 3.12 onto one of my two, newly acquired PowerMac G4 machines. The first was a Powermac 3,3 which doesn't have supported audio. I found that I had an old Sound Blaster X-Fi GO! USB and it was recognized by AHI right off and auto-selected. Verified that it played YouTube audio just fine (until the flakey USB hub I have died). Anyway, I'll be swapping for a better hub hopefully later today.

    My other G4 is a PowerMac 3,4 I believe so hopefully, it will work out of the box. I'm glad I found that because I wasn't looking forward to finding a soundblaster live pci card then having to wait days for it to arrive.

    Now, after experiencing the stuttering playback on youtube with this 450Mhz machine, I'm tempted to see if the local used computer store guy ever got that G5 machine working that he wanted to sell :)
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