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    Hey, here's my feedback:

    1) Connected Avantree Leaf on a NEC USB 2.0 PCI card before powering on my system and Poseidon disabled card's port while it suspended all rest (ports), wtf? Did a Poseidon restart and then it showed up, though it still has a blue question mark under usb/devices. Is this normal?

    For anyone that might be interested; I succesfully paired it with a new Moto Pulse Escape headset. Performed several reboots afterwards (for unrelated reasons) and pairing was always fully functional. Signal is damn great, it even streams sound after moving 15 meters away and having two walls between us.

    2) I can't control the volume output, which is a huge drawback :( Adjusting system's volume slider on sbar doesn't react and opening Mixer only displays my Sound Blaster's settings. Shouldn't there be a tab where you can control the usbaudio.class (emphasizing on the audio part of the class ;)). On optimum cases volume slider should act globally (for all AHI devices/units), while individual settings could allow you to adjust different volumes on different units. Finally - and especially in cases of headphones - a tremble/bass is rather necessary imho.

    3) Adjusting the Volume db through AHI unit for Avantree, doesn't have any impact and I have no idea why. Also, what's the difference between AHI music unit and individual AHI units?

    4) Is it possible to control which application uses which AHI unit in MorphOS? Experimented by setting Avantree on Unit 0 and 1 (see below) and I would like to keep the speakers on say Unit 0 while Avantree/Headphone say on Unit 1, so for example when launching e-uae I 'd like to stream the sound on Headphones, while Jukebox would continue playing through my speakers. Is this possible?

    * FWIW, mplayer is the only application that seems to continue playing on the speakers, while I could continue listeing Jukebox through Avantree/headphones (was using Unit 0). I checked mplayer's preferences and couldn't find any option regarding how it's configurated (only option is Sound Driver: AHI).

    5) I haven't figured out how to properly configure Soundbankster, on this dual audio setup (<- and this is my main concern tbh and the reason I got the setup in the first place); by default, when going to Soundbankster/Settings/Audio Outputs, headphones are "disabled". Of course I don't expect it to understand that Avantree has connected headphones but changing the AHI Units for speakers and headphones to 0 and/or 1 (and vice versa, according to System/Settings/AHI config each time I make a new test), doesn't have the desired impact. I can stream music either from speakers or from Avantree (headphones) but headphones option on main SoundBankster deck (right next to recording), seems always disabled :( Can pls someone check if it works or not?

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