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    NewSense wrote:
    Why was this Isochronous implementation released in such a state, surely it needs so much more testing and fixing that it was not worth including with v3.10 in this current state. I think v3.10 will go down as the worst release so far in the history of v3.x of MorphOS, IMHO.

    Hmm. Releasing in its current state is a great way to get "so much more testing." I am happy about this. And thanks for testing and posting your results here. :)

    I tried out USB audio support with a device which simply says "Sabrent" and has a headphone jack and input jack. It shows up in AHI as a device named "USB Audio Device????" but I cannot get any audio to come out of it.

    Trident shows: Product ID: 20 (=0x0014)
    Product version: 0100
    Manufacturer: C-Media Electronics Inc.

    Audio interface (0) shows bound to 1 (Audio Control)
    but its audio interfaces (1) and (2) each show no binding.

    FWIW, 3.10 has been the most stable version of MorphOS I've used so far on my Mac Mini G4. I have probably put in more hours on it already than any previous version.
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