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    Travis_H wrote: Lexicon Alpha doesn't work. It shows up in Poseidon (with a mention of a firmware update in config?) but doesn't work quite right. . . . . In AHI, I selected Lexicon Alpha 24 bit and loaded a sample into SoundFX. It did play, but was stuttering severely. When I clicked 'stop' MorphOS froze. Reboot.

    That's very similar to my use of my C-Media USB audio adapter, and I get the same results with a Griffin iMic, stuttering audio with background noise, possibly data interference on the USB channel leaking into the audio channel, and then a system lockup when the USB audio device is de-activated. :-(

    So, what's the point of having the option to use a stuttering audio device that when it's de-activated in MorphOS/unplugged then causes the whole system to freeze/lockup? In it's current state it's a joke, and it shouldn't IMHO have been released until it was found to work correctly, and stably :-?

    You can, if you select a specific AHI channel for JukeBox be able to use the volume control built-into Jukebox, but surely it should be possible to use the master volume control for anything running through MorphOS, which this audio.class seems to be able to bypass. :-?


    Travis_H wrote:(Off topic: The Lexicon Alpha works great on Android with Audio Evolution Mobile and the Davy's USB driver software.)

    Another thing to consider by the Development Team - if fairly basic pieces of USB audio hardware work with other pieces of software we have access to but then doesn't work as it should be able to be expected to, then something is missing from the useability of this feature in MorphOS - these issues need fixing, as I have said all along. What is the point of implementing some feature, only to be unable to use it as it should be intended. :-(

    Betatesting in this case has either not been implemented or has failed us all badly, IMHO. :-(
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