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    NewSense wrote:
    The sooner v3.11 comes along, and either these incomplete features are removed or fixed the better for all of us. 8-D

    Isochronous transfers are working fine. You could also blame Bulk transfers to be removed for each usb stick failed to work. Or interrupt transfers for every keyboard that is not working like expected.

    Let me explain it like I would do to my ten year old nephew. ISO (as well as bulk, control and interrupt) transfers are wheels. And even with perfect wheels cars break down or fail to work.

    So, if you somehow live in the real world and blame the wheels, when your car isn´t moving, then I am sorry. Maybe you are right and the world should fix the wheels first, before building cars.


    NewSense wrote:

    So which webcams work with this enabled USB Isochronous feature we now have? :-?

    Well, you just proved what people here already were thinking. You even seem to miss reading my post. I go back under my rock waiting for 3.12.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Many people seem to miss the point here.

    I don‘t think so.

    > Isochroous transfers have nothing to do with audio. It is just a transfer protocol [...]
    > Mainly intended to be used for audio/video data transfers


    Come on. Don´t start playing stupid, too.
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