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    geit wrote: So blaming the MorphOS Team for enabling a feature that allows the usage of a gigantic amount of audio devices and even opens the door for creating a video class, so that current generation webcams can be handled, is kind of unfair due the fact that iso transfers are working.

    So which webcams work with this enabled USB Isochronous feature we now have? :-?

    geit wrote: You cannot blame the MorphOS team for every usb stick, every printer, every other hardware to fail, because it is simply impossible to guarantee anything.

    If you enable a feature, then surely it should have been tested with a range of hardware, to ensure there is not going to be this situation that I find my system in as a result of enabling it - or is that mine, a users fault for trying to see if it works, and I should have left it well alone, because this and that, and the other hasn't been tested, which Tcheko, and Zukow clearly indicated is the case, so it's not surprising that I've had such issues with it, and it should not have been released until it worked satisfactorily on a range of hardware, as that surely has got to be a minimum requirement to release any feature - well tested/stable. This, and some of the other main new features aren't that, sadly.

    Don't think I enjoy saying this about this feature, or the other ones I have spoken about, as I, probably like most MorphOS users wanted it to work well, but I find this, and the printer system and the OWB release "well below par" for MorphOS previous standards, and I cannot understand why these features have been implemented as they only seem to be "half-baked". Can you honestly tell me that all these features work without issue on your own MorphOS system?


    geit wrote: Even if Mr NonSense is bashing on every post.

    Well, was there any need for that remark? I started this thread and the ones I have been "bashing on" about, due to either a lack of information in the release notes, a feature not working as intended/supposed to, or a backward step with a newer version of OWB.

    I have spoken the truth, as hard as it may seem, but nothing more. This Isochronous feature, the new Printers feature, and v1.24 of OWB all work worse, or not at all, compared to what was in v3.9 release - or is that not the case for you too? :-?

    geit wrote: Long story short. Back then MorphOS came with an audio usb class, which was useless due the lack of iso transfers. It got removed to avoid confusion and now since the hardware driver is supporting iso transfers it got reenabled. End of story.

    I only started using/bought a key soon after MorphOS 3.1 was released, and I have, up until now, been mightily impressed with all the many features that it has. I also hope there are more to come, but I find no easy way of pointing out the shortcomings of these new features of MorphOS as they are so dire, incompatible, or just fail to work as intended - how can anyone say that "gently", especially when users have been waiting for 2+ years, and then this situation rears its head!!

    I know you are now aware of these issues, and I am trying to temper my comments to suit the response, but I have not made any "personal" remark about anyone, but that cannot be said by others towards me . . . this is only due to me "bashing on" about the latest features not working - someone has to say it, and it seems no-one else wants to point out the actual truth of the situation. I am prepared to tell you the truth, but not many "vocalists" here, so far, seem to be prepared to face the truth of the situation. The sooner v3.11 comes along, and either these incomplete features are removed or fixed the better for all of us. 8-D
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