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    Maybe you can afford to do so Jim, but I bought these devices to use with my Windows, Mac and MorphOS systems, as the device also has a built in SD/CF/FlashMem, 2 USB and audio (headphone/microphone) connectors, so it's not just some cheap and nasty bit of kit, it's really very useful, and I use it most days. ;-)

    Previously with MorphOS I just used the 5 x memory card, and 2 x USB2 connector ports but if the audio is also made to work then that would be an additional feature, making it more useful, and something that I'd want back to be able to use myself, as probably no-one else will appreciate what a useful little adapter it is. 8-D

    I was asked by Jacadcaps, if I'd donate it - and I seem to be the only one that's been asked to donate some hardware in this thread, but I'd be happy to loan it. I have put money into Bounties before and I will do so again, but I can ill afford to give-up this hardware, due to its usefulness to me personally, but I am prepared to make a temporary sacrifice, and if necessary I'll even pay for its return back to me, to improve the overall hardware capabilities of our OS . . . or should I be criticised for that too? :-?

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