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    jacadcaps wrote: Since we don't have this particular hardware, you might have to wait a long time. Or you could donate one to the Team...

    If there is a Developer that will supply a postal address I have a spare one I can send for that Developer Team member to test out, and get the device to function correctly within MorphOS, to make its functionality work as expected - ideally with a volume control. ;-)

    Ideally that someone would be in the UK, though I have no issue sending it to anywhere in Europe or USA/Canada, and I would pay for the postage/shipping to whoever needs it for that development - BUT ... after testing has been completed I'd expect it to be returned to me, ideally not at my expense. 8-D


    NewSense wrote: I do not intend to re-test the Isochronous implementation again, until there is a fix for this and the other issues that seem to be plaguing it at this stage.

    Following on from my previous remark, and one of the reasons that I made it, is that I should also mention now, as I forgot to mention it in thread #47 that after I had allocated the C-Media hardware in AHI, I used the device on one video file, and then before I could add/use/run/play another file the whole of my USB system "locks-up", my Bluetooth keyboard continues to function, but all my other USB hardware is "frozen", with usually follow-up warnings (PoPo messages) that USB devices have died/dropped-out one after the other, until they are all (probably) no longer allocated to my system. This has happened on more than one occasion, and the main reason for my reluctance at doing more testing on my own system, as I really feel this Isochronous implementation should have been made reliable/stable, and undergone far greater Developer Team/Beta-Tester team testing, before it was ever put into a system wide/main user release, as it has been with v3.10.

    This USB sub-system failure, seems to me, only likely to be something to do with the Isochronous implementation affecting the whole of the USB Poseidon sub-system. In any case I have never had such a string of USB device failures until this issue with allocating an audio device that is an Isochronous device . . . co-incidental - I think not. :-?

    I know other users don't like to hear these words, but this release, IMHO, is . . . . well those of you who have read my posts about v3.10 release know what I think about it. I'm not saying it again - for now. :lol:
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