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    About differences between programs... it depends of the program if it'll use the Music Unit or Unit 0 (nothing usually defaults to any other unit). In some programs you can configure which unit to use, but not in all. In MPlayer, for example, there's the audio driver setting where you can select "ahi" for the Music Unit or "ahi_dev" for the Unit 0.

    So when you're configuring AHI output to a different sound card, you have to take care that both the Music Unit and the Unit 0 are configured correctly. If your Music Unit is configured to use the Unit 0, it's enough to configure only the Unit 0 settings for the new sound card. But if you want to keep the Music Unit separated from the shared modes, then you have to configure both units separately.

    In any case, if you're hearing audio from some program, then the actual card and its drivers are most likely working OK, and it's just an AHI configuration issue why you can't hear sound from all programs :)

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