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    Jim wrote:

    Intuition wrote:

    Why the feck would I want to plug my very expensive studio equipment into a MorphOS machine?

    Because you can. Does anything an Amiga (or are we still trying to distance ourselves from that "cursed" name) enthusiast do have to make good economic sense?

    Why do I want to use a video card in my G5 that costs more than the G5?
    Because it can be done.

    Why did we go to the moon?
    Because we could.

    Exploration (hey, and maybe killing a few natives), Europe ought to understand that idea. Its how you helped found my country.

    And no, there are no natives on the moon (I just had to prevent that inevitable comment).

    There's literally no software available that could make use of this type of hardware Jim, even if drivers got written. And if there were, I wouldn't use it on an os with no memory protection.

    Different tools for different jobs, MorphOS isn't suitable for everything.
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