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    I still have troubled think of USB as a "high end" solution.

    It goes all the way up to studio quality.

    It does indeed and I have several studio quality USB audio interfaces but I doubt a single one of them will work with MorphOS. Generally only the cheap crappy home use ones are class compliant.

    Well, if each one will only work with an OS dependant custom class, I can't see how that is our developer's collect fault.
    Maybe if you guys could focus on one or two of these "high end" "studio quality" usb audio interfaces, pay for one or two of each, and even consider a bounty for the software development...

    I know that might not sit well with some of you, but those of you that already had license keys got this upgrade for free.

    And lack of support for devices that require customized software (possibly proprietary)to work with a standard interface?
    It sounds like a lot of work for a small audience.

    Also the "crappy" home oriented devices will provide audio for systems lacking it.

    Then there is the other option. If you have the device, since the USB driver works, dig out your developer software and figure out how to write the missing part that will let your device use it.
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