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    Jim wrote: I still have troubled think of USB as a "high end" solution.


    takemehomegrandma wrote: It goes all the way up to studio quality.

    ... and that's part of my point that Jim sadly just didn't seem to latch onto, or consider as valid, so I just got complained at for complaining that there had been NO information related to Isochronous implementation with this release, other than to say it was part of the release.

    Wheras Jim seems to 'wax-lyrical' about GFX cards in some of the other threads, even though they can't be used in most Apple based MorphOS compatible hardware, and are probably only useful when the hardware base change occurs to 64-bit.

    So, currently that GFX card topic is more irrelevant, for current MorphOS use, than the compatibility of the newly implemented Isochronous USB functionality, and any USB audio hardware that might be supported by it - even up to Studio quality. 8-D
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