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    Isochronous transfers support is an important technological leap forward, AFAIK it’s a first for any Amiga operating system. It’s a door opener for much interesting future developments, like various audio/video applications. Webcams, and indeed external audio cards (and yes Jim, USB audio can *very much* be a high-end solution). But this feature is really about USB, the underlying transfer technology. On top of that there still needs to be development and testing at a higher level for specific applications. Drivers for various makes, chips and features like multiple in/out can of course be developed, tested and evolve over time. This is possible now when the door has been opened. Future development in multimedia streaming over USB is likely going to concern other areas of the OS as well, like AHI for audio and completely new developments for video. Reggae?

    Had the release notes said ”AGP transfer support, enables AGP graphics” - would you have expected *every aspect* of *all* AGP graphics cards to work out of the box because of this? That too would have been about the underlying transfer/bus technology, but drivers for various chips and makes still needs to be developed, tested and be matured over time, which has indeed happened, *including* the creation of higher level stuff in the OS like MorphOS TinyGL, enhanced display in Ambient, etc which makes it more of a complete package.

    I think most people understands this and are happy about the technological leap in the USB field, and I feel that your fury about this is kind of puzzling. Almost like the MorphOS Team has violated you somehow.

    IMHO, only good things can follow. Doesn’t mean that everything has to be done from the start.
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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