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    Jim wrote: Actually, I'm not trying to "sling mud", but your assumption that since the interface was supported the device would work is naive.

    I assumed that as the functionality of Isochronous transfer had been implemented that most devices that required its functionality would then work, which as there was no other conflicting information in the release notes, I understandably considered that sufficient hardware would have been tested to make it's release useful to many users, and for lots of hardware ... otherwise what's the point?

    Was there any mention in the release notes that it's barely been tested, and that it may not function in even the everyday circumstances as outlined by "Tcheko" in that it "might not be fully supported." or "USB audio support is pretty crude for the time being" or "Recording from external sound card hasn't been extensively tested either and already been reported to fail in some cases." This is not what you would expect to hear about a new feature that has been implemented ... is it? Or, should it not have been mentioned to ensure any use of hardware requiring it was managed as realistically as possible bearing in mind that it might be extremely temperamental as the Developers expected it might well be? That information should have been in the release notes, to manage any user's expectations, but it wasn't!

    My hardware consists of a headphone socket, and a microphone socket, like a skype feature, but I was just going to see if I could merely use it to listen to headphones using the USB audio feature, but even that doesn't work, which is a disappointment, but I can/will have to live with that. However, seeing as Isochronous support was given quite a big "build-up" as basically being one of those modern Operating System must-have features I thought it would be useful for us all, so in that I have been 'duped', been naive, if you want to call it that! As no hardware for its functionality has been mentioned, whether that be USB audio or USB webcams, or anything else !

    Jim wrote: And yes, I don't rely on USB sound devices, I thought I made that fairly clear, that there are better solutions for most of our supported system except for the G4 Cube.

    My audio hardware needs don't currently relate to USB functionality, and that doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast with v3.10 now does it? I do have a Creative Extigy USB soundcard that I was hoping would work with this implementation, but now I'm not so hopeful that it will, but I am hopeful, that from now there will be more information forthcoming from the Development Team, as to what you can expect to be able to realistically do with Isochronous support now that it has been implemented.

    Jim wrote: However, if you insist on going that direction, it only makes sense that you buy a device that is known to work.

    Well, once there is a list others will get to know what USB audio hardware can be used as well, but until then, it's picking through the forum to find out snippets of information that might lead to a "discovery", isn't it? Or, looking in this thread, that I started, because there wasn't sufficient and/or useful information forthcoming about the Isochronous feature at release time.

    Jim wrote: You can't expect all isochronous usb devices to function under an alternative operating system.

    No, it seems not, but better testing might have helped us all in that regard, as there have got to be many Betatesters who have such USB audio hardware that could have been put "into the mix" to get a better overview, prior to v3.10's release.

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